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HOLD THE DATE for Kim Cobb, Director of the Institute at Brown for Environment and Society, Monday, June 10th

On Monday, June 10, 2024 Brown Club Orange County will host Kim Cobb, Director of Brown's Institute for Environment and Society. Time: 6:30 reception, 7:00 p.m. presentation. Location t.b.d. In her climate research, Kim Cobb uses observations of past and present climate to advance our understanding of future climate change impacts, with a focus on climate extremes and coastal flood hazards. As a mother to four, Kim is a strong advocate for women in science, and champions diversity and inclusion in all that she does. She is also devoted to the communication of climate change to the public through media appearances, public speaking, and social media channels, and enjoys frequent exchanges with policymakers about climate impacts and solutions.

Mark your calendar for June 10th and stay tuned for more details about location!

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