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Brown  internship initiative BrownConnect

If you are interested in sharing career opportunities, such as internships or job openings, with other Brown University Alumni, please Email Us. In the email include, your name, class year, career opportunity and location.

For current Brown University students and alumni, below are some networking resources & opportunities:

As you grow in your career, here are a few career & networking tips:

  • Branding:

    • Market Yourself! Consider creating and maintaining a personal LinkedIn page. Ask for recommendations from current and prior job experiences and share status updates with personal experiences and/or industry trends & articles relating to your career path. 

    • Be Unique: Create a personal website that showcases your work, project and professional experiences. Many employers will research candidates online prior to an interview. Having a personal website will help separate yourself from the competition and share in-depth some of your experiences. Link to any online articles that pertain to your personal experience as well as a LinkedIn page. Website creation services, such as and will help get you started.

  • Network: 

    • Connect: Meet as many people at professional, alumni and industry networking events in your local area. Follow up with introductory emails and thank you cards. 

    • Don't just ask for a job. Although an individual may not have an opportunity at the given time, it's important to maintain a relationship to help increase your chances of consideration down the road.

  • Ask for referral. If a contact doesn't have a current opening, they may know a friend, colleague or associate that may help you reach your goals.

  • Pay it forward. As you remember the people that helped shape your life, help others that may need a little encouragement, mentorship or assistance.

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