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Annual meeting and election

Fellow Brown alumni of Orange County,

Would you like to influence the direction and activities of your club next year? Under the rules set forth in ARTICLE IV - Steering Committee of the By-Laws for the Brown Club of Orange County, Brown Club's Steering Committee will be holding its annual meeting to re-seat the officers and committee positions, celebrate the accomplishments of 2023 and look forward to the year ahead. While this is a closed meeting, and committee positions are appointed, we welcome YOU - our alumni and parents - to attend and get involved. The club's many activities from faculty lectures to social mixers, service events, athletic team visits, concerts and alumni presentations are all organized by volunteers like you. If you have been enlightend, entertained or inspired by any of our club activities, please consider paying it forward by sharing your time, energy and enthusiasm.

For more details about getting involved or attending the annual meeting on November 30th, please contact Scott at or 949-636-1975.

p.s. I Heart Brown Day is coming up November 14th. If you have not donated yet to Brown this year, please consider giving generously.

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