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Brown Club Supports Afghan Refugee Relief in the OC

Friends, Brown Club OC has decided to participate in a service event for the month of June to help Orange County Afghan refugee family relief activities through New Beginnings, a group of like-minded volunteers from four congregations in the OC.

New Beginnings is currently helping nine families with legal support, housing, food, education, transportation, and access to social services. The goal is self-sufficiency, the families have made terrific progress, but the need is ongoing. NB spends over $3,000 per month just subsidizing rent. NB has launched a crowd funding, "all-or-none", limited time campaign to raise $3,000 to cover its rent subsidy efforts for one month. It must raise no less than $3,000 by July 1 or the donations will not be collected. Please consider giving any amount you can. Your contribution is tax-deductible, and every dollar helps get NB closer to its goal! Thank you!

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